Monday, March 09, 2015

New Campaign for Marriage Equality Launches in Ireland

Although voting on people's rights gives me great pause, I definitely support Ireland activists' efforts to gain same-sex marriage rights. A friend writes:
I wanted to pass along a tip about a new website my friend Dónal Mulligan launched to help campaign for marriage equality in Ireland. It's a user-submitted video campaign and I think it has the potential to really make an impact. Especially since Ireland will be the first nation to vote for equal marriage by popular vote of all citizens, rather than by parliament if it passes. Our favorite Irish drag queen Panti Bliss has already submitted a video. 

Grainne Healy, Yes Equality spokesperson, told the Irish Mirror:
"Today’s launch marks a historic moment for Irish society and its gay and lesbian citizens. We are asking Irish people to get involved, vote yes and share their freedom to marry. The referendum gives Irish people the chance to secure true equality for lesbian and gay people, who are our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. The campaign acknowledges Irish people as generous and decent – people who want to live in an inclusive equal society." 
 Yes Equality spokesperson Kieran Rose added:
"The Marriage Equality Referendum offers the chance for lesbian and gay people to become equal citizens in the country they call home. We are confident that a majority of Irish citizens believe that everyone should be free to marry the person they love and will vote yes in this referendum. It is too important to leave to someone else to win, so we extend an invitation to all Irish people to join us in achieving our goal." 
May the luck of the Irish be with you ... not that "luck" should be a factor in equality. (Ugh!)

Learn more HERE.

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