Friday, February 06, 2015

GQ Approves of Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick, Pans JJ Watt


Via GQ: Saturday's 4th annual NFL Honors was a night to celebrate the best achievements in football this season—at least the ones not called "winning the Superbowl." And just like on the gridiron, on the red carpet, there were winners, and there were losers. 

Who gets your vote for best-dressed?

Actress Heidi Mueller, Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray, tight end Jason Witten and Michelle Witten

Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly


Steve said...

Not JJ. Still love him but no. I have to go with Jason. Aaron looks okay, as does Colin. But still love me some Jason (and JJ.)

David said...

So Aaron is still pretending to be straight? How sad.

Vixlad said...

Do you really think he's a closet gay guy pretending to be straight?