Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Song of the Day: 'Tattooed Love Boys' by the Pretenders

The Pretenders' Debut Album: 12 Songs Ranked for Its 35th Anniversary

In one of those bizarre coincidences that happens bizarrely often, my brothers and I were JUST ranking the songs from the debut album by the Pretenders this weekend in Washington. "Up the Neck" came on a mix CD my brother made -- yes, I'm not the only one in the family! -- and Bill mentioned how even though on paper it seemed nothing could top the effortlessly brilliant "Precious," "Up the Neck" might just be the best. Even our less-Chrissie-obsessed brother (Terence) chimed in in agreement, then threw in a possible close second in "Kid." No sooner had I nearly exhausted my neck nodding, I stopped and said, "Oh, wait. There is one that may be better: 'Tattooed Love Boys" -- all the while thinking of "The Wait" and "Mystery Achievement" as well. 

Now read how much an expert agreed HERE!

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