Monday, January 26, 2015

Song of the Day: 'Go Insane' by Lindsey Buckingham

My all-things-Fleetwood Mac obsession has been in full effect all weekend -- "Bella Donna" and 'The Wild Heart" on auto-repeat -- culminating in realizing the Mac's 2003 four-song "Extended Play" is also a treasure trove, including a song from the "Buckingham Nicks" sessions plus the wonderful "Miss Fantasy," as well as revisiting Lindsey's "Law and Order" (some great stuff besides the sublime "Trouble," like "I'll Tell You Why" and "It Was I"). Funny to hear my brothers mention last weekend "Go Insane" as a favorite. They're so right -- it's hard to believe this stalled at No. 23 on the Billboard chart ... what was American thinking?

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