Monday, January 05, 2015

Song of the Day: 'Angel' by Fleetwood Mac

Really can't help but think people wouldn't have thought "Tusk" was such an odd album if the title track -- which is indeed odd -- hadn't been the first single. Imagine if "Angel" had been first -- instead of sixth. Hard to imagine it wouldn't have been a Top 10 hit, it's got so much passion and life. (That coke was really working for Stevie!) Lindsey Buckingham was quoted over the weekend as saying this current phase of Fleetwood Mac would be the band's swansong -- yawn, they all say that -- but what was news is that the Fab Five will be recording one more album, which is welcome news to fans like me who cannot believe the group that recorded one of the biggest of my youth only managed to put out five records total. Buckingham said he and Christine McVie have been collaborating, something they have rarely done in the past but which has paid enormous dividends when they did ("The Chain," "World Turning"),  Less than three weeks till MSG!


Blobby said...

'Angel' is a great track and "Tusk" still ranks at the top of my desert island disks.

dishy said...

Yup - that album is a total fucking masterpiece!!! Much better than Rumours!