Monday, January 05, 2015

Mugshot Monday

Manhattan hedge fund manager fatally shot by son, 30, over cut allowance 

NYDN reports:
A 30-year-old shot his hedge fund manager dad to death in Manhattan because the wealthy Wall Street whiz reduced his $400-a-week allowance and threatened to stop paying his rent, a police source said Monday. Thomas Gilbert Jr. flew off the handle and killed Thomas Gilbert Sr., 70, after his parents cut his allowance to $300 a week and said they would stop paying rent for his posh Chelsea pad, the source said. 
I see there's a new apartment free on my street -- although I guess there's no chance we'll be shacking up anytime soon. Although it's obviously a tragedy, I think the the parents created this monster so I think it's pretty ridiculous to be a multimillionaire and then nickel and dime your own son.

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