Friday, December 19, 2014


Daddy Father knows best, indeed!

Greg writes:
I recently posted about Mr. MacMurray and his penchant for playing second fiddle to bigger female stars. Now, It’s time for a posting about just how sexy he was. I didn’t take notice of Fred as a hunk until I saw him shirtless with muscles bulging in “No Time for Love,” with frequent co-star Claudette Colbert. 


edmcan said...

I know it's hard to believe, but he was the Number 1 male box office draw for years. The shirtless pictures help.

stonrdude said...

Fred was a stud! I often wonder if hot men back then, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Rod Taylor and so on, men who were considered really hot back then, if they would still be hot today? I am 65 so they are still attractive to me, but to a twenty or thirty something they would just be another real old dude! Yes? No?

Henry Holland said...

Nowadays, on most gay blogs, guys like those would be told to get to the gym and work out so that they weren't so fat. Seriously.

Love Fred MacMurray, both as a lust object and an actor. If you'd like to see him shirtless, there's a scene in the excellent Douglas Sirk movie "There's Always Tomorrow" where his character and Barbara Stanwyck's go swimming, ending up on towel to sun themselves. Fred is hot!

Maria Australia said...

Of that era it is hard to beat George Hurrell's portrait of actor John Payne as boxer Kid Nightingale. I'm surprised that the movie studio agreed to release it back in 1939.

Unknown said...

Two of the pictures in this post are identified as Fred McMurrary that are not of him! The two pictures of the man without a shirt in NO way even resemble Fred McMurray.These two pictures may have been falsely identified as him prior to you posting your column, but if you look at basic facial structure and key things like the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes in these pictures, you will understand what I am stating. Check the source of these pictures. I have noted that often when doing an online search of someone's photos, other peoples pictures will eventually show up in the search results, no matter how obviously wrong the results. Thanks.