Tuesday, December 02, 2014

And Now There's 'Maude'

The reason I could never really get into "The Golden Girls" -- Bea Arthur was Maude and Rue McClanahan was Vivian. (And don't even get me started about the Happy Homemaker!)

God'll get you for not buying me this, readers. Details HERE.


Unknown said...

I got the notification today, too. I don't see anything about extras. Hopefully there'll be something befitting the show. And I am fine with one actress being known for many things. Loved Golden Girls, MTMS, Mama's Family and Maude.

Don said...

I came across Maude reruns recently on one of those nostalgia channels. Wow, so ahead of time in many ways. I remember coming across Maude as a child circa 1975 and wondering if she were a man!