Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Campy Hobo

Jerri Blank would totally love this guy!

From The Washington Post, Oct. 7, 1909:
"Me bumming money?" shouted McDonald, "not on your life. I am a decent, hard-workin' Irishman, and if I gets drunk once in a while I am the one that suffers most, not the community. I have been in Washington six months, and this is my first offense. I will see the priest this afternoon, if your honor will let me go, and a five-year pledge for mine." 


Damian said...

But Jerri couldn't read, as we learned in this episode, so she would've missed out on seeing that blurb! ;) #thismusthavehappenedinhoboken

Unknown said...

Why would Jerri Blank like him? Does he have a pole as well as a hole? Seriously, I don't get the purported "Candy" reference. I see he is trying to talk himself out of a jam, but that's not really a Jerri-centric trait.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

If you're a "Strangers" fan then you must know that the (hilarious!) word "hobo" and Jerri are inextricably linked!