Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You're Killian Me Here, Dude

I tend to get obsessed with things, so it wouldn't be a lie to admit I sort of only went to HustlaBall on Sunday night -- well, Monday morning -- because I knew Killian James would be there. I had fallen in love with his sweet ass  face after seeing him in Get Out! magazine, and needed to see if he's as cute in person as he is in the, um, movies. He is.

The event was as over-the-top as promoted, with live sex shows -- oral and anal -- and plenty of hustlers, porn stars and amateur exhibitionists willing to entertain the masses. There were competing events around town, however -- Horse Meat Disco in Brooklyn, Daniel Nardicio's underwear party at the Monster -- so it did feel like it wasn't as crowded as it might have been, not that I like being trampled. 

My friends Allen and Tony kindly kept an eye on me when my abuse of substance became too much, and all in all we had a fun if slightly subdued-considering-the-environment evening. My pal Matt -- who is never shy with a camera when culturing boys -- has a full report HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Killian is available for rent (of course). Retaining the services of rent boys is not something I normally do, but on a recent visit to NYC I decided "what the hell" and booked a session with Killian. Well worth it.