Monday, October 06, 2014

Song of the Day: 'In a Different Light' by the Bangles

Not sure if today is National Bangles Day, or if I just happen to take the day off to see the gals perform at the City Winery later on. Either way, I think the group has been grossly underrated because of its reliance on cover songs -- a truth that belies the fact that they were actually incredibly talented songwriters, as demonstrated by the title track of their breakthrough 1986 LP, which Rolling Stone recently named as one of the most underrated albums of all time. They got that right.


Andrew Ascher said...

My favorite Bangles song! I hope they play it for you in NYC, because they did NOT in Philly. It was a great show, though. They looked and sounded amazing!

David/Spudman said...

I was the "pledge trainer" for my fraternity back in 1986. Each fall, they would "pimp the house," meaning pull some sort of large-scale prank, head out of town for the weekend, and 'kidnap' one member. I was the 'victim' that year [which is not very common] and was taken to a Bangles concert in Spokane, WA. Tons of booze and laughter. Wow -- your post today brought about a great memory!