Monday, September 15, 2014

LOVEGUN Opens With a Bang!

Well, this photo of Benjamin Maisani and me didn't turn out so great, but the opening night soiree for his new bar in Williamsburg -- LOVEGUN -- was a clear success. My friend Allen and I got there just as things were beginning to get going, and got to spend some time chatting with Ben about his newest baby. He said that coming up with a location and a concept is his favorite part of his work -- "it's when you get to be really creative" -- and that he was shooting for a sleek, late '70s/early '80s disco look with LOVEGUN, which features a retro-looking neon sign on the back wall, and a giant neon MORE MORE MORE above the first-floor bar, a connection to the late dance queen Andrea True. The upstairs overlooks the main floor and has its own bartender, canoodling-friendly banquettes, plus the DJ booth. 

My friend Micah with the couple voted most beautiful

Before long, Andy Cohen arrived (I thanked him in person for the blurb he gave me for my book), then Anderson Cooper showed up (in glasses) and Kelly Ripa and her hunky hubby, Mark Consuelos. By 11, the guest-listed opening party was over, and the doors were open for business -- and business did they have! (The line was wrapped around the block.) I later saw photos showing a half-dozen of my friends there, yet I never saw one of them. (Micah got proof, above!) 

You couldn't see two people in front of yourself -- but you can be sure a fire marshal was not in attendance. The bar is hip and casual and has all the right things going for it to be a big success. (Just two stops into Brooklyn on the L train, boys.) I spoke to the bartenders at nearby Metropolitan about it and they all agreed that they were happy to have another bar in the area. They think it makes Williamsburg more of a destination now, and figure both bars will benefit for guys bar-hopping in the 'hood. If Friday night was any indication, Williamsburg is officially on its way to becoming the country's newest Boystown.

P.S. Since Ben told me he's always looking for his next project, I suggested Inwood and Hamilton Heights. Be on the lookout, guys!

UPDATE: People are telling me that Kelly Ripa mentioned the party on "Live! With Kelly and Michael" this morning!


John said...

I have had a crush on Micah for a while, so it's no surprise to me that I wasn't paying attention to the pic of Mark and Kelly when his shirt's open and staring at me.

Anonymous said...

no offense but it wasn't as good as Sugarland ever was on a bad day...