Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Knee-Jerk Reaction

Funny, this is my go-to response in these situations too!
Fine was resting her head on a tray table and became irate after the woman in front of her leaned her seat back and struck Fine on the head, sparking an argument, flight attendants told airport police. 
When the staff tried to calm down Fine, she reportedly told one of the flight attendants to "eat sh-t and die," according to the report. 
I sure hope this latest incident makes the airlines address this problem. I have been saying this for years -- either EVERYONE needs to recline, or NO ONE should recline. That the plane leaves it up to each person to decide whether or not to make another person's flight that much more uncomfortable is just BEGGING for these things to happen. Whether or not you think it's rude to exercise your right to recline the way things are now is your business, but I personally think it's pretty horrible to do something when you know it's making someone else's life miserable, whether it's your "right" or not. (Don't act like you don't know there's a 6-foot man sitting behind you, bitch.)

I had this exact same thing happen to me on my recent flight to L.A. -- the only way I can rest is to put my head down on the table, I just can't do it sitting up -- and I've also had an incident where the seat in front of me was broken was was reclining WAY MORE than it should have so asked the person if they could please not recline so far and had them rip me a new asshole.

It's ludicrous and the airlines need to figure out a solution.


Anonymous said...

why don't they just re-engineer the seats to act like wall-hugger recliners you have at home. When you recline in those, it moves the person reclining forward instead of backward. So, on a plane, the person reclining would be moving themselves toward the seat in front of them instead of backwards toward the person behind them. Issue solved

James Greenlee said...

I for one, really DIDN'T know! Until this started in the news last week, it had seriously never occurred to me that it was rude to recline. I've never had anyone ask me before doing it, and I've never thought to ask before doing it myself. EVERYONE is uncomfortable on a plane, and reclining makes it a little (very little) more so.

While I'll certainly think about it NOW, I think this visceral "reclining people are evil assholes" is a little much.

Anonymous said...

I usually just start tapping my foot.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth, I completely agree with you and all the comments here. This really needs to be addressed by the airlines. How many times have I seen people trying to eat while reclining? I'm sure they don't eat while reclining at home. (One man bought a TUNA SANDWICH from a VENDING MACHINE and proceeded to stink up the entire cabin when he unwrapped it. Or how about the people who go barefoot on board? Or the amateurs who put their carry-on suitcases SIDEWAYS in the overhead compartment? Don't get me started!) Many airlines removed an inch of padding from all the seats in order to cram in another row! I hope these events keep occurring until the airlines tighten up the rules. I HATE AMATEUR TRAVELERS!
Tom W.

Kirsten said...

All they need to do is take out a couple rows of seats and give everyone more room. It's gotta be cheaper than turning a plane around, bad press and a lawsuit waiting to happen, huh?