Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Song of the Day: 'Take the L' by Martha Davis and the Motels

It's hard to put into words just how magnificent the Motels were last night at the Irdium in Times Square. Coming off their supporting role with the Go-Go's this summer, Martha Davis and the boys shifted into headliner gear without missing a beat, seducing the audience with a set list that included their best-known songs -- "Suddenly Last Summer," "Take the L," "Total Control" (the most haunting song of all time) and "Only the Lonely" (go back and listen to this one and you'll understand why it's stood the test of time) -- new songs ("Lucky Charms," hinting at a promising new LP), and choice albums tracks, like "Party Professionals," "Apocalypso" and "Counting," which had me hearkening back to my high school years, when Friday night would roll around and the phone would never ring. (Some "Shock" would have been valued, but I digress.)  Martha Davis is a middle-aged woman now, nursing a bad knee, yet still exudes twice the charisma and vocal prowess of any woman half her age. How she hasn't gotten roped into the world of Broadway is anyone's guess. (Cyndi who?) 

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Jeff Bilby said...

I think you'll get the experience with the new DVD/BLUE RAY show taped early this year 50th Anniversery Whiskey a go-go featured Martha Davis and the Motels, I pledged on line see Motels site and lock yourself for a copy and THIS IS THE SHOW, you won't want to miss!