Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Deaths in the 'Family'

He'd give you 5 pounds of coffee if he can't beat your best deal

Oh, no -- say it isn't so! Ollie Fretter -- a television staple from my Detroit youth pitching his Fretter Appliances chain -- is dead at 91. Didn't get more colorful than that one! Read HERE.

And speaking of my childhood, the headlines all read that Bob Hastings of "McHale's Navy" just died at 89. But my brother Terence reminded me that he's who we grew up with as barman Kelsey on "All in the Family," who was featured in the brilliant "Judging Books by Covers" episode, which brought a gay character to a sitcom for the first time. (Later, he was also Capt. Burt Ramsey on "General Hospital," which we also loved!)

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