Wednesday, June 04, 2014

What Is Gay L.A.?

In the week leading up to L.A. Pride weekend, Frontiers Media and Flip partnered to produce a special supplement to the Los Angeles Times asking the age-old question: What is gay L.A.? To find out, you can either read my memoir, or pick up a copy -- available today!

From a news release:
Inside the issue you'll find a diverse cast of Angelenos answering the question "What is Gay L.A.?" There is also an essay by news editor Karen Ocamb asking another question—"Who really won the sexual revolution?" as well as "What do gays have that straight people want?" The cover illustration was created for Frontiers by award-winning artist Edel Rodriguez. Please pick up a copy today or find it at all the Pride events over the weekend, including the Frontiers booth at the festival. And don't forget the special double issue of Frontiers magazine, on streets now, which includes features on gay mormon Neon Trees singer Tyler Glenn, the creator of hip-hop's 'bounce' genre Big Freedia and an exclusive first look at the new memoir by John Waters. 
Learn more HERE.

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