Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Song of the Day: 'Give It Some Emotion' by Tracie Young

     The way my childhood obsession with Tracie Young turned out has already exceeded all my wildest expectations. (In 1984 her poster hung on my wall, in 2010 we became friends!) But perhaps even more amazing is that a record label took it upon itself to unfault the Paul Weller protege's shelved sophomore album, "No Smoke Without Fire," which arrived in the mail today. Tracie had already given me a low-quality homemade CD of nearly all of the tracks, but I can already see that Cherry Pop's finished product -- complete with a thick booklet of liner notes and photos and remastered tracks -- is a real treasure. Digging in now, but its arrival had me look on YouTube for any new additions, and sure enough the video for her second single, "Give It Some Emotion," suddenly popped up. It's my first time seeing it, too! Order "No Smoke" HERE.

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