Monday, June 02, 2014

Postcard From BEA

I didn't make it to BookExpo America this year, but my friend Tim Anderson did, as did Lena Dunham, who was there promoting her upcoming sex guide of sorts, "Not That Kind of Girl." The New York Daily News reports that Dunham woke up the breakfast crowd on Saturday by stepping to the microphone and boldly announcing that she had slept with everyone else on the stage with her. "This is a great panel of guys," she said beaming. "I feel so lucky. I've f----d all of them." Alan Cumming, bisexual and 47, Martin Short, widowed and 64, and literary treasure Colm Toibin, 59, all looked shocked but quite pleased.

Meanwhile, Tim spotted Grumpy Cat, whose mother, I'm told, has been aloof ever since his memoir came out, too.

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