Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Rolling Stone Exposes Neil Patrick Harris

I wouldn't exactly same I'm immune to Neil Patrick Harris' charms -- I've never seen a single episode of "How I Met Your Mother" or watched the Tony Awards, but when I've seen him interviewed he seems like a doll -- but am I the only one who liked him and Jason Bateman better when they were the "cute child actor who is back making fun guest appearances" -- think NHP as the ex-gay on "Will & Grace"! -- than as leading men? Ditto for Amy Poehler. Great in the occasional "Saturday Night Live" sketch, but a television or film lead? A little goes a long with some people. Read highlights from Hedwig's interview with Rolling Stone HERE.


JimmyD said...

Looking at some of your favorite music... I think you might really enjoy 'Hedwig.' Not only is the music incredible, the book is brilliant, and NPH rocks 90 non-stop minutes. He controls the stage. His performance is electric. And you NEVER see NPH beneath the wig(s). She IS Hedwig!
I may have to drag you to it.

Blobby said...

I thought NPH did a great job on 'How I Met Your Mother'. He does an ok job as Tony host, but it can be a bit much - but I get it's theater and you have to play to the back of the room.

I have zero interest in seeing 'Hedwig'. I even passed up tickets to see it last Saturday.