Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hollywood Unconfidential

Michael Egan III, 31, claims ex-NBC Entertainment head Garth Ancier forced him to have oral sex and both former Disney exec David Neuman and Broadway producer Gary Goddard also engaged in inappropriate behavior with him as a minor in the '90s. Neuman called the allegations 'completely false,' while Goddard's lawyer said they accusations were 'without merit.'  

 I'm kind of surprised how completely uninterested I am in this story. (Anyone else?) Wasn't Bryan Singer the guy who supposedly casting-couched Brandon Routh into the "Superman Returns" role? Routh is hardly a twink.

UPDATE: Bryan Singer and Michael Egan Sex Scandal Finally Ends With Apologies and Settlements (June 7, 2015)


Damien said...

There is something fishy here.

I am not making light of this. But there is something off here.

JimmyD said...

I think there's a lot of truth to the Singer story. There was the incident during the filming of 'Apt Pupil' where he had some underage actors shoot a full nude school shower scene, which had nothing to do with the movie.
It's no secret that Bryan likes em young.
My take on this one particular case is that the boy thought all of this would be fun. Hollywood parties with drugs and booze and celebrities! But when the time came, he ended up not having the good time he was planning on. MAYBE, by then, everyone was so fucked up that things got a bit crazy. I know many people who loved that scene. Many, at 15 and 16 would be willing participants. I'm not one of them. I've been in situations that sounded like fun, turn a bit too serious (for me), and I'd be all, "I need to go now."
I think that boy (man) might have bitten off more than he could chew and now feel violated.
The final word is: Unless someone was there, nobody can say what did or didn't happen. I just wish Singer would say something like, "Yes. I like to party. I like young guys. I'm sorry this one had a bad experience."

Mike in Asheville said...

There are 2 distinct issues here:

1) Adults engaging in sex with minors is, as it should be, serious criminal activities. Perps should send years and years in prison and registered as sex offenders. Any adult, male/female gay/straight, do the crime, do the time.

Allegations of the sexual abuse of children should be aggressively investigated, and, if the evidence demonstrates the abuse, aggressively prosecuted.

2) This particular case, though, does seem more than just fishy. The self-proclaimed victim, in 2000, pursued prosecution against two individuals, one was the home-owner where the victim alleged the sex parties in LA occurred. That home-owner pled guilty, served time, and is a registered sex offender.

Certainly, the victim was, indeed, sexually abused. But, in the criminal case and in 2 civil cases, the victim did not name Singer, Ancier or Neuman as perpetrators. And in the 13/14 years following the criminal and civil cases, the victim has remained silent as to others.

Also, the victim now alleges that Singer abused him at parties in Hawaii; Singer has substantial evidence that at all times the victim alleges he was abused in Hawaii, Singer was in Toronto filming one of the previous X-Men movies.

False claims of sexual abuse should be treated as seriously actual sexual abuse. The mere allegation of child sexual abuse is a serious slander to one's personal reputation and can have very serious legal and financial costs to victims of false sexual abuse allegations.

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