Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Lowe Down on Madonna

 I think the New York Post got its headline backward, but the details of the stars' meeting -- she spotted him in the front row of a concert and invited him backstage; he had just finished filming "St. Elmo's Fire" -- and their later attempt at doing it -- Madonna wanted to dance at Palladium, Rob wanted to avoid being mobbed by fans -- is just part of what's coming in Lowe's second memoir, "Love Life."

Pre-order "Love Life" HERE.

Lowe is coming to Midtown to sign copies of his book on April 9 at Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue.


joel65913 said...

Is anyone, with the possible exception of John Stamos, aging better than Rob Lowe?

Timmy said...

Scott Bakula is looking really hot in Looking.

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