Monday, March 31, 2014

Gay Fiction: From Top to Bottom

Matthew Rettenmund lovingly laments the death of the "gay book," then compiles a must-read collection of the first and last sentences of as many gay novels as he could readily lay his hands on.

I'm sticking with the books' proper first and last sentences, so am leaving out things like dates and places (“New York, 1983") in the case of books that begin or end with letters, and I'm also ignoring the “hmmm”-inspiring epigraphs that so often appear at the beginning of a novel. These are not meant to be my choices for "the best gay books." But most of my favorite gay novels are included and you will undoubtedly have read and loved many of them. many have you read?
Very few, actually -- I love nonfiction!

Enjoy HERE.

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Anonymous said...

The "gay book" is not dead. Yes, big publishers are no longer in that business but they've also abandoned all their "mid-list" writers and are really only interested in "blockbuster" books. "Gay books" are now being published by dozens of smaller publishers.

While this is a great list of classic books that everyone should be reading, to lament the death of "gay books" is to stop people from looking for those books. Yes, there are very few gay bookstores and yes it's virtually impossible for a "gay book" to get reviewed in the NY Times. But that's not death.

"Gay books" are struggling and saying they're dead makes that struggle more difficult.