Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 3.5-Million Dollar Woman

I'll be reading this apparent homage to "Valley of the Dolls."

The Daily News reports:
Hannah Horvath would be so proud. The Brooklynite’s real-life alter-ego, Lena Dunham, will become a published author before the end of the year. And the “hardest-working millennial” chose a medium befitting of her generation to reveal the cover and release date of the tome – by posting a picture on Instagram. The outspoken writer, producer and actor of the hit HBO series “Girls” posted a split-frame image of the book cover of “Not That Kind of Girl,” and another of her holding her first book. The 27-year-old Dunham, who reportedly got a tony $3.5 million for the book deal by Random House, wrote on Twitter: “It’s official. Coming 10/7/14.” She links to the photo on her Instagram account.
By the way: I should point out that after HATING the first three episodes of "Girls," I am suddenly enjoying it. Of course this has EVERYTHING to do with the Hannah book drama, not to mention her new "writing" job. Ray and Marnie are freaking me out, but at least Shoshanna's boyfriend's ass is hot!

Although it sounds more like this:

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