Friday, February 21, 2014

Marriage Equality Blows Into the Windy City!

More love, this time from the Land of Lincoln. The ACLU writes:
A federal court today ordered the Cook County clerk’s office to provide marriage licenses immediately to same-sex couples seeking the freedom to marry, rather than require them to wait until June, the default implementation date for the marriage equality bill passed by the Illinois legislature last year. The decision in the case, Lee v. Orr, filed on behalf of several Illinois couples seeking to marry immediately by Lambda Legal and the ACLU of Illinois in December, is the latest development in the momentum for marriage in Illinois. 
“We’re thrilled that Judge Coleman recognized the serious harm to the many Illinois families from continuing to deny them the freedom to marry,” said John Knight, LGBT and AIDS Project director for the ACLU of Illinois. “The U.S. Constitution guarantees these families the personal and emotional benefits as well as the critical legal protections of marriage now, and we are thankful that the court extended this dignity to couples immediately.”
Maybe I will live to see all 50 dominoes fall!

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