Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Very Brady Reunion

To mark Brady matriarch Florence Henderson's 80th birthday, nearly all of the surviving cast members of "The Brady Bunch" will reunite Thursday on "The Talk." (Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Susan Olsen and Barry Williams will be on hand, while Ann B. Davis and Eve Plumb will deliver taped messages. Maureen McCormick seems to be pulling a Jan!) I'm a full-blown fan, so don't think I can miss this one. Will you be watching?


John Hollywood said...

Thanks for the great post on the Brady Bunch Reunion. I have watched all of the shows as well as the movies (TV and on the Silver Screen). Big part of our culture and gay culture for sure. Keep up the great posts!

Mister Hollywood

Henry Holland said...

I loved the show back in the day until it kind of went off the rails with all the *shudder* Oliver *shudder* stuff. My brother and I watched it when it was in syndication, it was paired with The Partridge Family.

I had a major crush on Robert Reed before the perm, what a sad end for him. RIP. BTW, looking at Reed's Wikipedia entry, it seems that Gene Hackman (!!!) was the first choice for the part of Mike Brady. Wow.

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