Monday, January 13, 2014

Ronan and Mia Farrow Don't Think Child Molesters Deserve Awards

I didn't watch the Golden Globes -- watching all those Hollywood types pat themselves on the back is nauseating to me -- but I did hear about the backlash about Diane Keaton's "pro-women" tributre to Woody Allen. 

I must say I always thought the molestation accusation was a child-custody ploy by a distraught Mia -- sadly, I know about this type of thing from personal experience -- but after reading the Vanity Fair piece, I'm not so sure anymore. Wonder if Ronan cleared doing this with his sister first, though. It sounds like she lives under a different name and doesn't want to be associated with it, so I would hate to think she is feeling victimized again. 

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Unknown said...

It WAS a custody ploy by a very pissed-off Mia Farrow. Although the Connecticut DA publicly claims charges weren't filed to spare the victim from the press, there also were numerous reports at the time that much of the evidence was supplied by Farrow, and there was more than a bit of suspicion that it was all fabricated by her. The DA knew the evidence was too shaky to take to trial, hence the dropping of the case. And Mia and her offspring by Frank Sinatra's Twitter rants? Pathetic sour grapes from a pair of has beens.