Thursday, December 12, 2013

Grammarians Unite

Outraged Grammarians Picket the Cosmopolitan, Claim 'Rose.Rabbit.Lie.' is the Last Straw'

Does the Onion have competition?!

About 200 protesters marched outside The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, incensed about the hotel’s soon-to-open restaurant and nightclub venue, enigmatically named Rose.Rabbit.Lie. 
The bulk of the protesters were self-described “grammar Nazis,” upset about the seemingly indiscriminate punctuation used in the venue’s name. 
A protestor equipped with a bullhorn, representing Grammarians Local 103, said, “We’ve endured indignities from Las Vegas casinos for some time now. It started with rampant capitalization. PURE. COLOR salon. TAO. Then came a flood of exclamation points. ‘Jubliee!’ ‘Vegas! The Show.’ ‘Panda!’ We just took it. But now, we’re standing up for what’s right. You don’t get to put periods between random words like that. The Cosmopolitan has thrown down the gauntlet, and we’re fighting back. Although, we’re grammarians, so it’s not like we’re going to raise our voices or litter or anything. This bullhorn is just for effect.”
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Scott Roeben said...

Thanks for sharing this! Bonus points for the Onion comparison. Made my day.

Henry Holland said...

Grammarians of the world unite, you only have your inappropriate use of commas to lose!

I'm curious if they'll take on my pet peeve about how periods are used at the end of sentences.

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

Should grammar rules apply to names of business? I don't think so. I see names more for the image and qualities they convey. Why else have graphic artists?

James Greenlee said...

I have THEhotel right out my office window at work, and it bugs me every time I glance over at it. I mean, wouldn't you have called it theHOTEL if you were going to go goofy with the capitals?

My current futile fight is to get people to stop using periods in phone numbers. Hate it.

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