Friday, November 01, 2013

BREAKING: Shooting at LAX

A TSA agent was shot and two others were injured as LAX was evacuated after a gunman opened fire at a security check point. I in no way condone this behavior. But given my experience with TSA agents -- aka the Security Theater Players -- I'm surprised this hasn't happened before.


SFRowGuy said...

TSA = The Federal government giving the right to a select few people to be surly, snarky, mean, obnoxious bullies, and get paid for it?

Gr8Lthr said...

Low Blow Kenneth. I am a Gay TSA agent and avid follower of yours. I expected better of you. Someone was killed,how would you feel if it was fellow writer?
I will still follow you, but with a LOT less respect.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Gr8Lthr: Perhaps you're too close to the situation to process what I wrote. Didn't say anyone deserved it. But I don't know a single person who doesn't think very LOWLY of the TSA -- much like Post Office employees -- so it doesn't surprise me. Sorry if you think this is a low blow. Not meant as one.

Gr8Lthr said...

Kenneth, I was closer than you think. I work at LAX. Anyway, after reading what you said, you were right, I jumped on your case and took it personally for nothing. I apologize.
However, SFRowGuy I think is way off the mark in calling us "bullies". Enough , said.