Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And Hawaii Makes 16 (Plus D.C.)

Hawaii -- whose same-sex marriage license request inspired the Defense of Marriage Act -- has offically come full circle!

Via the ACLU:
Hawaii’s legislature today approved a bill providing for marriage for same-sex couples in the state, and Governor Neil Abercrombie is expected to sign it within a few days. Below is a statement from Selene Keye, American Civil Liberties Union national marriage campaign manager:  
"With the Aloha State's passage of this bill, we have much to celebrate, as 16 states now embrace the freedom to marry. We have made incredible progress in bringing marriage equality to more states, and our fight continues, with crucial ballot initiatives ahead and important legal cases advancing through the courts. The ACLU is proud to have been a part of the LGBT rights movement since 1936 and we will continue to work alongside our partners – in courtrooms and at ballot boxes – until the freedom to marry is extended to all 50 states." Below is a statement from Lois Perrin, ACLU of Hawaii legal director and founding member of Hawaii United for Marriage:  
“This is a joyous occasion because Hawaii is a state that prides itself for its aloha, diversity, kindness and openness. On December 2, 2013, when the new Hawaii law takes effect, our gay brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends will finally be able to marry the person they love.”

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Aloha is Love.