Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Christie Is Overrated' -- Endorsement

It's one thing that any Democrat who follows politics knows that New Jersey governor Chris Christie is most self-serving yet mysteriously loved politician in recent memory. But it's another thing entirely when the state's largest newspaper endorses him, while exposing him for the fraud that he is.

The Star-Ledger writes:
The governor’s claim to have fixed the state’s budget is fraudulent. New Jersey’s credit rating has dropped during his term, reflecting Wall Street’s judgment that he has dug the hole even deeper. He has no plan to finance transit projects and open space purchases now that he has nearly drained the dedicated funds he inherited from Gov. Jon Corzine.  
His ego is entertaining, but it’s done damage as well. By removing two qualified justices from the Supreme Court without good cause, he threatened the independence of judges at all levels, and provoked a partisan stalemate that has left two vacant seats on the high court. This was a power grab gone wrong.  
The public gives him top marks for his handling of Sandy, but the record is mixed. Why would his administration park NJ Transit trains in a low-lying area where they flooded, causing $120 million in damage? Why did the federal government have to strong-arm the state to include more relief for renters and Spanish-speakers than Christie had proposed? And why should anyone believe taxpayers got the best price on refuse removal when the governor awarded a no-bid contract through a political friend?  
Our own view is that Christie is overrated. His spin is way ahead of his substance.

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