Friday, October 11, 2013

Boom Boom Book

He's only my age, but German tennis hunk Boris Becker is slated to release a second memoir, "Life Is Not a Game," in which he promises to explain that "affair" he had in the closet of a trendy London restaurant back in 1999. (A child resulted in the 15-second incident.) He says the new tome takes on "those who took the opportunity to judge me and sometimes to condemn me and my family." He writes that he was simply "looking for love, a feeling of security," adding, "when you do not have that at home then you may look for that elsewhere, when the opportunity presents itself." Perfectly natural feeling for a man who had a pregnant wife at home at the time! Why this wasn't already addressed in his 2003 memoir -- "The Player" -- is anyone's guess. But with an ass like his, he can pretty much get away with anything in my book.

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