Monday, September 30, 2013

Subway Disaster

   Oh, joy: Look what's moving in on Eighth Avenue, next door to where the now-deceased Paradise Cafe was. It's the home of the clothing store Camoflauge, which still maintains a second storefront two doors down. Never understood why they had two separate stores anyway, but with a Subway three feet south on 14th Street and three feet north up Eighth, I can tell you this is one local stop that did not need to be added. Now let's see what moves in Paradise: many are banking on fro-yo, but I smell another nail salon ...


SFRowGuy said...

Ah yes, acetone in the morning. Bracing! (Why am I getting dizzy?)

Shawn Cullen said...

I have never understood the appeal (if there is any) of "Subway". I always associate with a lack of other lunch options, like when you are on jury duty and it's the only thing close enough to the court house so you think "Oh well, I have to eat. Guess it'll be Subway."

Plus, what is with that weird triangular wedge of the roll tht they cut out? Can't they just slice it normally, like, you know, a roll?

Plus, Subway always seems expensive for what you get.