Friday, September 06, 2013

Picture Purrfect Ending

Subway kittens Arthur and August find a home

 Not only did the two kittens who brought the New York City subway system to a screeching halt this week land a home in trendy Brooklyn, Arthur and August made a guest appearance on "The Colbert Report" last night, where we learned one Republican NYC mayoral candidate would have killed them in a heartbeat!


Atl2Sea said...

Love your blog and your videos but please post them so they DON'T start automatically! Sometimes they're embedded way down the page, requiring lots of scrolling to turn them off,

Thanks, a loyal reader.

Atl2Sea said...
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Kenneth M. Walsh said...

If you're using Chrome, take a look at this:

Had the autoplay issue with embedded Daily Show clips at Friendly Atheist, where I discovered the FlashControl extension for Chrome. Boom, no more autoplay videos anywhere. Flash content comes up as a grey box with the flash logo in the center, if I want to load and run the flash, I just click it. And I can whitelist sites like YouTube where everything is Flash. The best part? I no longer use AdBlock Plus, since I mainly used it to stop video ads autoplaying. Now I’m not hurting the meager revenue streams of my favorite sites as much.