Monday, September 30, 2013

Mug Shot Monday

Can't decide if it's more Tiger Beat 1977, or Kenny G 1996. But either way, I'm curiously turned on. Thanks, Florida! From HERE.


Prospero said...

Was he arrested in the middle of a shampoo commercial?

Mark, nÊe Fuzz said...

Nope. Not working for me. A hair don't. A crime of coiffure. It's a shame, too. As long as he didn't over groom, he could be quite good looking with a decent haircut.

Bandana Jack said...

he was definitely the pick of the litter. only in florida could you find that crew.

Disco Whore said...

"Everyone thinks I'm Madonna
It's becoming quite a bore
Jelly Bean keeps calling me from 1984.....
And when I tell him it's not me and that he's the one who's wrong
He shows up at my doorstep with
some pile of crap he calls a song"
Jellybean Benitez 1991 Album