Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who Ya Gonna Call Me?

Someone just told me I remind them of Walter Peck (Willie Atherton) from "Ghostbusters." Um, OK. I could do a lot worse, but you sure don't hear that every day!

From IMDB:

  • Rich smooth voice
  • Often plays manipulative yet well-dressed scoundrels
  • UPDATE: A keen reader writes:
    William Atherton claims to have been converted from gay to straight  He was also in "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" but was not as hot as Richard Gere and his jockstrap dance..
    Ha! My instincts said gay but then I saw a longtime wife in IMDB.


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    James Greenlee said...

    I always think of "Real Genius" when I see this guy. But he does seem to play mostly dicks. Who knew he was "ex-gay?" That makes him just that much more dickish. Dicklessish?