Friday, August 23, 2013

Morning Wood


dan of dc said...

Ok, I'm old. Don't get the tats craze, but I kinda get the heat.

I'll give you a topic ... are tats hot because the hot guys are getting them? Or are these guys hot because they have tats?


SFRowGuy said...

I want to trace his tats with my tongue.

Larry said...

Dan, I think tats are hot when hot guys get them. Don't get those with excessive tattoos because I think it detracts from guys' inherent sexiness.

Denis said...

I'll bite... I think tattoos are hot because usually (not always) you have to be a certain size to pull them off. Sleeve tats don't really look good on guys with skinny or flabby arms. To show off your tats you have to be willing to show some skin.. and to show skin you have to be pretty confident with your body. It seems like one of those trends that maybe started in prisons, then transferred to the NFL and was finally passed down to muscle guys.

Juan Lopez said...

I have three tats myself. For my birthday this year getting another. I however work in the "professional" world and have them where they cannot be seen.

Tats can go two ways. They are hot because all of the tattoo choices compliment the man. Or they can look ridiculous (see one direction, justin beiber, chris brown, or rihanna for examples)

I always felt they should symbolize something. My husband does not have any and I kinda like it. I dated a guy once who had a many. When he gave me all the stories for each and none involved being drunk or sprig break I jumped his bones.

So so long as they do not look stupid they are sexy.