Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Teri Garr Uncensored

(NOTE: This 2008 interview with Teri Garr is making the rounds again because of Dustin Hoffman''s "Tootsie" interview that has gone viral.) 

I'm not sure anyone loves Teri Garr as much as I do. But even a fan without a restraining order against them will LOVE this lengthy interview with the A.V. Club in which the lovable actress pulls no punches -- she has MS and an aneurysm nearly killed her in 2006, so why should she? -- discussing Dustin Hoffman, Sydney Pollack, Francis Ford Coppola, Sonny Bono, Cher, her not getting the Oscar for "Tootsie" and more, plus has some great things to say about Martin Scorsese and "After Hours" (my all-time fave) and my pal Scott Prendergast, who directed her in "Kabluey." Read HERE.


Marc said...

Gotta love Miss Garr!

swine said...

Luv Teri Garr! Thanks for the link Kenny, but how come no mention of her in Star Trek?

Ruddigore said...

The interview also skips over my favorite Teri Garr movie:

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