Monday, July 22, 2013

Postcard From Coney Island

   Michael and I made our once-every-10-years trip to Coney Island on Sunday. We wanted to verify reports that it had recovered from Hurricane Sandy -- and I'm happy to report it has. Nathan's hot dogs are still delicious, and the ice cream on the boardwalk still tastes better than in the city. The $9 fee to ride the Cyclone, however, had me hearing my dad incredulously saying: "When I was a kid it was on ly 10 cents" --  even though my dad has never been to Coney Island and has been dead for nearly eight years. On the way home, I learned that the Go-Go's and Tom Tom Club are playing there on Aug. 1 as part of Marty Markowitz's annual summer concert series. You know I'm a fan of both groups, but that subway ride is SO LONG that I may have to pass. I'm boycotting the Go-Go's mean girl antics anyway, so perhaps the bad timing is a sign.

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