Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet 'My Husband's Lover"

Was in the Royal Oak equivalent of Rainbows and Triangles the other day when the cashier (owner?) -- apropos of nothing -- began to tell me about how obsessed he was with "My Husband's Lover," a gay soap opera that is the talk of the Philippines, and the entire the Flip community abroad. When I got home, I looked it up and quickly began to see what all the excitement was about, although with no subtitles I can only appreciate it so much. Anyone watching?

Wikipedia says:
"My Husband's Lover" is a Filipino drama television series created and developed by Suzette Doctolero and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on June 10, 2013 replacing "Love and Lies" on the network's coveted Primetime block, and June 11, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The series stars Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo as the main characters. Carolyn Galve serves as the executive producer of show and Dominic Zapata directed the series. It is credited as the very first gay-themed series in Philippine television due to the series' central subject of homosexual relationships and infidelity. The show has multiple continuing story lines that tackle sensitive yet relevant social issues like homosexual and bisexual relationships, homophobia and the society's discrimination against homosexuals, infidelity, pre-marital sex and the consequences of early or unplanned marriages. It also tackles the importance of family, friendship, integrity and love. The forty-five minute scripted drama chronicles the life of a woman, who belatedly discovers that her husband has been carrying on an affair, but not with another woman.


Dicky said...

As a Fil-Am gay, I am interested in this. I'm curious as to how much they show the churches (RCC and Philippine Independent). It appears to be in Tagalog from my quick pirate spying. There are a lot of episodes already since it appears to be a weekday soap.
From an outsider view whenever I visit, I always see the "acceptable gay" in the Philippines as bordering on, if not fully in, transgender and even that acceptable is negotiable. So maybe this will broaden that view.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a phenomenal hit in the Philippines not just with the gay audience but among the heteros as well. In a society like the Philippines where almost everyone knows someone who is gay, a friend , a co worker, a relative. everyone can fully relate to this show. What makes this show superb is the way it is crafted. For a nightly tv show such as this, everyday is special. full of revelation, its fast pace storyline makes its viewers glued every night to their teles. Last night's episode was bomb!!!!

mike said...

my mom watch this religiously every night at 11 pm EST. yes, they show it very late at night but from what she keeps telling, it is a very interesting show.

my friend from the philippines who also watch this show mentioned that during the beginning of the season, there's only one or two commercials. but after a few episodes, i guess marketers realized that almost everyone is watching this show.

Anonymous said...

Tyong bang you kissang me and we fuckang but we gotta marry girland next doorang

Anonymous said...

My friend Fred, who is a woman named after her father's best friend in WWII, watches this with me and translates for me. I really like it, altho since it is a soap I feel bad about that. Her mother and grandmother often join us; we have a glass (or two) of wine and talk dirt about the characters. Then they all try to hook me up with various relatives, which is awkward since I've dated a couple and the family thing is more than I can bear. I hope HBO doesn't read your blog, because it is a uniquely Phillipine thing that doesn't need anything other than subtitles.

MHLTeam2013 said...

Hi kenneth! We're working hard to translate the episodes.

We'll give you a link if we finish one!


MHLTeam2013 said...

Hi kenneth,

the MHLteam2013 just finished the episode 1 english subs.

It's still a preliminary release because all of us are new at this but we persevered to help our English speaking vieweres :)

Hope you like it!