Friday, June 21, 2013

Who'd You Rather?

Novak Djokovic challenged Bulgarian cutie -- and Maria Sharapova's main squeeze -- Grigor Dimitriov to a "strip off" at the Wimbledon warm-up  in Stoke Park yesterday ... and everyone came out a winner!



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Brent said...


Anonymous said...

Where's the option for shooting the cameraman or whoever kept cutting away from the flesh to get the audience reaction! Who the fuck cares about them - the money shot was the half naked men!

Anonymous said...

Nole, for sure, i love him!!

Mike in Asheville said...

To give a thorough answer, I would need to make personal "inspections" of each of them, and, perhaps, just to be extra certain, an "inspection" of them together as well.

Too bad this didn't happen at Roland Garros, their cameramen always seemed to keep the lens targeted on Rafa Nadal's two minutes of changing shirts at the end of each match.