Monday, June 24, 2013

The Last Temptation of Kenneth (UPDATE)

Minding my own business shopping for a heated back wrap for Michael at Duane Reade when I came across these two items. I've gone cold turkey on Pop-Tarts since returning to the gym post foot procedure, but I really don't need this! Can't decide which sounds more delicious ...

The Impulsive Buy writes: The crust is sweet, slightly salty, and sprinkled with sugar, harkening back to old-school peanut butter cookies. The peanut butter inside is of the creamy variety, a touch sweeter and gooey-er than my regular Skippy, which makes it just perfect for the filling. It adds the sugary, salty, roasted-peanut creaminess needed to play off the crackly, sucrose-laden crust. And, indeed, this is one crackly crust. If you’re unfamiliar with the genus of unfrosted Pop-Tarts, you may want to know that this crust is a little more crumbly than what you might find with a frosted Pop-Tart. The grainy casing of this fella will give your pastry-munching experience more of a shortbread/homemade graham cracker feel. Despite its more delicate nature, the crust holds the filling inside it throughout the toasting, never breaking at the seams. 
  And then there's this one ... has anyone succumbed?

P.S. Worth noting that they are back to being six in a box instead of the more recent eight, although they cost as much as the box of eight does. The downsizing and ripping off of America continues!

UPDATE: I broke down and bought the peanut butter ones last night. They're good, but given their calorie and sugar count, I think I'll stick with the occasional Nutter Butter cookie for my indulgence once in awhile!


SFRowGuy said...

I was thinking about different flavored PopTarts last week... Why no Apricot (I personally don't like), Peach (ditto), Plum, Banana, Peanut Butter (!) or PB&J, Vanilla (which they do -- Confetti, and it's rather blah), ... ?

Still waiting on the Bacon flavored (ewww! :p )

(Brilliant minds think alike.)

Larry said...

Peanut butter is my kryptonite. Must avoid the Pop-Tarts aisle...I still miss the vanilla frosted chocolate ones.

JimmyD said...

I know! I saw them this weekend too.
Just remember: Each pastry is 200 calories. Each. Not for the two. EACH! These are PURE EVIL.
Be strong, Kenneth. Be strong.
200 CALORIES... or: 400 CALORIES, because... who can eat just one??

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Larry: You KNOW vanilla frosted choclate are my favorite, don't you?!

Larry said...

@Kenneth: You know, I didn't. And if you mentioned it before (which you probably did), I probably went into some sort of seizure/withdrawal-type thing. God, I miss those.