Thursday, June 06, 2013

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

Shared by a loved one who describes this (stranger) as his "favorite online commenter ever":
This guy reminds me of my uncle. All day long he talks about Obama this and Obama that. Obama will take his guns, Obama will destroy America, Obama is destroying religion, Obama hates white people, Obama is a communist, Obama is a Muslim, and Obama is an illegal alien. We had a big family dinner at Ruby Tuesday last week for one of my cousin's graduation (not his kid). He kept bringing up Obama every chance he could (the low flow toilets in the bathroom were Obama's fault, the health options on the menu were Obama's fault, he thought his water tasted funny was also Obama's fault. My aunt said that if he brought up Obama one more time he would have to leave the table. He tried talking about other things but kept catching himself when talking for Obama would almost come up and he would cut himself off. It was so bad that when he was talking about ice cream, he almost invoked Obama. He then sat quiet, for about 1/2 hour and then started screaming, “ f--k you all, you blind sheep,” then left Ruby Tuesdays and drove off. Remember, there was life before Obama and there will be after.

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