Thursday, June 20, 2013

An 'Affair' to Remember

This photo/message I received today is especially great slash f**king weird because my friend Mark and I were JUST talking about how hot Mr. Brady was, and I just got "Family Affair" on DVD from Netflix over the weekend, which has this episode!

Daniel writes:
Thought of you as soon as I saw it, gives him a whole new look! Watching "Family Affair" this morning on ME TV and look who was playing one of Cissy's teacher. Yeppers, that is Mike Brady (Robert Reed) with a beard. Damn, he looks handsome with it. It is Episode 14, Season One that originally aired on December 26, 1966, titled "Think Deep "


Daniel Paul said...

wow, you were quick to get it posted. If we had seen/remembered him in the role the whole world would have always known he was gay! Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Kevin said...

i LOVE "Family Affair" and my partner thinks I'm insane. Most people think it's going to be a sticky-sweet comedy about kids but it's actually a smartly-written comedy-drama and a big-time tear-jerker! Especially the first season where it seems like every-other episode someone misreads someone else and feels like they don't belong. (Although nothing compares to the third season episode when one of Buffy's classmates (played by a pre-BRADY BUNCH Eve Plumb) is dying.

I think one reason it's so well-written is because all 28 to 30 episodes they shot per season had to be finished before the season's shooting began because Brian Keith shot all his scenes for each season over a 2.5 month period and scenes without him were shot later. (Which makes it all the more remarkable that each episode is coherent!)

DJ said...

I never found Robert Reed to be hot, but I was a big fan of Family Affair. Although I was too young to understand what gay was, I always thought that Uncle Bill and Mr. French had a "special relationship". Why else would a single man with no kids have a live-in butler?

Daryl said...

Since we're on the topic of Family Affair, have you ever heard the song "Buffy Come Back to Me" by Angel and the Reruns?

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