Wednesday, May 22, 2013

U Gotta Be Shittin' Me (UPDATED)

UPDATE: With apologies to my brother Bill. Yesterday, I did what no journalist/blogger should ever do -- I wrote about something without fully understanding the facts first. In this case, I neglected to remember the fact that Bill is a stark-raving lunatic, so when you watch this video with the SOUND ON, it's rather easy to see how it went viral. ("Illegal! Illegal!") So viral, in fact, that he was on the NBC affiliate today! (Watch above ... with the sound on.)

File this under unbelievable. This not-interesting-at-all video of my brother Bill's has gone viral -- nearly a million hits on YouTube, licensed to a handful of sites for cold, hard cash, the works. It took me three plays to even "get" it. Maybe if the cab had been yellow ...

Bill tells Romenesko:
"So here I am on the eve of my book launch, hoping I’ll get a little exposure, when a silly 18-second video clip from my bike-helmet cam goes bigger than anything I’ll ever write will.”
The poor guy's new book, "Yes, I Could Care Less," comes out June 18. Pre-order HERE.



BW said...

Make that almost a million views!

Adam said...

Any grown man caught riding a bike in public is the real criminal.

miaxile said...

brave to your bro. if you switch out ILLEGAL! for JESUS! sounds just like me driving in miami..

BW said...

Yes, Adam, though most of you transportation bigots tend to use a different word. Three letters starting with an F and ending with a G.

I'm against transportation bigotry. Unless you want to talk about adult skateboarders.