Friday, May 03, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Next Time' by Sandra Bernhard

I've never really been entirely sure if Sandra Bernhard was singing with her tongue in cheek or not, but I have to say she surprised me with this one, when she serenaded Boy George with a song called "Next Time" back in 2001 on her short-lived talk show. Have no idea where the track came from -- some commenters say she made it up as she went along, but I sincerely doubt it (anyone know?) -- and I feel Boy's pain in having to react to something like this on camera. (I don't even like to open presents in front of the people who gave them to me!)  But in the end, he really doesn't have to fake it much -- she sounds pretty great!


Anonymous said...

I was on set that day. She made it up. She does it all the time. Genius.

Anonymous said...

She didn't make it up, it's an original song. You can actually find it on her (extremely hard to find) hero worship album.