Monday, April 22, 2013

Song of the Day: 'New York Groove' by Ace Frehley

Was never much of a KISS fan, but I do remember when each of the members released solo albums back in  1978. While the other kids at Page Middle School raced out to buy them, the only thing I cared about was a 45 of "New York Groove," one of my favorite singles of the decade. (The Ace Frehley mask was just a bonus!)


Taffy said...

hey K. great song. but you do know it's a cover - the original by Brit glam band Hello. Ace's version is practically a carbon copy.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Taffy: I did come to learn that. But it was definitely Ace's that introduced me to it, so he gets credit for that!

Joe in NJ said...

I was a huge KISS fan and Ace Frehley was always my favorite. This single and solo album did the best on the sales charts than the other three and still on of the most beloved Kiss members.