Friday, April 19, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Ain't That Peculiar' by Mari Wilson

I remember how excited I was back in high school when I found Mari Wilson's new 12-inch single at Zia Records, back when it was on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona. I was still in high school, but my friend Greg and I would head over to the campus of Arizona State -- where all the cool kids were -- every chance we got, always looking for the latest imports from our favorite acts, from Bananarama and Marilyn to the Style Council and Mari. I already owned Japan's cover of "Ain't That Peculiar," which I knew from the radio as old Marvin Gaye song. But Mari's version instantly became my favorite, and the two b-sides -- "Use Him" and "The Maximum Damage" -- quickly became faves as well. Greg and I were heartbroken, though, when the album from which we expected them to come never materialized. (Never knew where she went.) Fortunately, Mari resurfaced in 1991, and finally released her follow-up to her classic "Showpeople" -- and she's been busy recording and touring ever since. These days, Mari even has a Facebook page, which you can like right HERE!


dishy said...

Never heard this!!! How the hell did I miss this?? Of course I love Mari! Wow!

Pop Music For Pop People said...

You better get ready for the return of the original beehive. An anthology box set is due to be released in 2010.