Sunday, April 07, 2013

Slowly Going 'Mad'

  Finished watcing Season 5 of "Mad Men" last night. (Wow!) At this rate, I will be prepared to discuss tonight's premiere around February 2014. Any thoughts about last season or predictions for the new one?


Abraham Padilla said...

Zu Bisou Bisou!

Just started watching season 5 on Netflix. Totally obsessed.

Anonymous said...

Watched the season premier and OK, no spoilers, but... who is the violin chick? Why did we skip a few years and go right to 1968, and why did I have to research heart transplants to figure out when this was taking place (couldn't the writers drop a clue or two)? Why didn't Don speak in the first 15 minutes? Why are they being so Hamm-handed (sorry, couldn't resist) regarding the lighter?

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