Sunday, April 07, 2013

Slowly Going 'Mad'

  Finished watcing Season 5 of "Mad Men" last night. (Wow!) At this rate, I will be prepared to discuss tonight's premiere around February 2014. Any thoughts about last season or predictions for the new one?


Abraham said...

Zu Bisou Bisou!

Just started watching season 5 on Netflix. Totally obsessed.

Anonymous said...

Watched the season premier and OK, no spoilers, but... who is the violin chick? Why did we skip a few years and go right to 1968, and why did I have to research heart transplants to figure out when this was taking place (couldn't the writers drop a clue or two)? Why didn't Don speak in the first 15 minutes? Why are they being so Hamm-handed (sorry, couldn't resist) regarding the lighter?