Monday, April 08, 2013

Augusten Burroughs Signs Romance Deal With Agent

Christopher still won't respond to Augusten's e-mails

Congratulations to my dear friend Christopher Schelling and his writer-client-lover, Augusten Burroughs, who tied the knot on April Fool's Day after several years of dating! The marriage was chronicled in the New York Times yesterday, but I found out on Friday night at a party that was billed as Christopher's 50th birthday celebration. After faking everyone out with the requisite black balloons -- and actually turning 50 -- Christopher announced the happy news to a packed room full of friends. Tony winner Alice Ripley and Skivvie with a bulge Nick Cearley later serenaded the couple with an a cappella version of "Eternal Flame," which reduced Bangles fan club members like me to tears. And since Chris specifically said NO PRESENTS on the invite, I'm going to go ahead and post this bad-angle photo of the grooms surrounded by friends, which is a gift to no one, but is the only pic I took!

Augusten liked it and, thus, put a ring on it


Blobby said...

poor guy. Burroughs seems like too much of a problem to take on - and his books while "memoirs" sound like pure fiction - and not good fiction at that.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Wow -- what a lovely way to congratulate two people who just got married!

SoberSister said...

Good for you, Blobby. I'm happy you enjoyed a happy childhood in a loving home with kind parents and respectful siblings. Were I to tell you my life story, you would think it pure fiction also. I wish Augusten and Christopher every bit of happiness and joy as they continue their marital journey.