Friday, April 19, 2013

'Of Course He Was the Top! I’m Not Doing All That Damn Work!' -- NFL Kerry Rhodes' Ex-Boyfriend

"I was like his wife"

NFL Star Kerry Rhodes' Gay Lover Exposes Secret Relationship: 'We Had the Best Sex and Life' 

 Safety and current free agent -- on and off the field -- Kerry Rhodes denied being gay recently after romantic photos surfaced, but it's obviously a lie. Would have been exciting to finally have the first openly gay player in the NFL, but it sounds like a big mess, with the ex-boyfriend angered about the denial and now going to the press, with tales of hot sex and how he was no secret to the other players and their wives. And the fact that Rhodes is currently a free agent could lead to his retiring instead of owning up to the truth, which would technically put him in the "came out after" category. Come out, Kerry. The ex-boyfriends sometimes lie, but the camera never does.

How was your sex life with Kerry? Was he top or power bottom? 
[Laughs] It was great! It was very passionate because we were so in love. Of course he was the top! I’m not doing all that damn work! But, we were extremely close. It was very good and he put it on me! 

"It was very good and he put it on me!"


Edwardo said...

I believe the preposition was "in" - as in "He put it IN me."

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Now THAT I would have understood! But that's not the expression :-)

iama{GAY}tkeeper said...

so sad about this entire thing